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Customer Testimonials

Recently, I purchased a pair of CA speakers online. In the past, I have used several different sets of speakers with little satisfaction. When I plugged in my Cyber Acoustics speakers all that changed. The sound is crisp, clear, and stays that way until the windows shake. Thank for making a great product at a reasonable price. I’ll be a repeat customer as long your products do such a fine job.
-Robert G.
Speakers CA-3602
I want to thank you for the excellent response and service I received, really impressive. You guys rock!
-Samuel V.
Speakers CA-3550
Just got back from vacation and I had a box waiting for me....thank you!! The speakers are wonderful!
Speakers CA-461
Thanks for honoring your product. I have previously told friends about it as it is a good little unit. Customer service counts for a lot in my book.

I just wanted to let you all know about this amazing company called Cyber Acoustics. If you don’t want to read the entire exchange, it boils down to my speakers not working properly and them mailing me a new set with almost no hassle. If you need to buy any computer audio please keep them in mind as the sound quality of their products is fantastic and they are awesome if any problems arise. Just a heads up.
-Victor S.
Speakers CA-3602
I definitely recommend Cyber Acoustics to ALL of my musician friends… I am a classical concert pianist. Hence my acute, let’s say “fastidious” adherence towards pristine sound quality, etc.
Speakers CA-3602
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I've recommended this system to quite a few people, and I'm glad to see that this is a great business that deserve its customers. Really awesome, thanks again and take care!
Speakers CA-3001
I really appreciate your great customer service. I am also in the customer service area for International customers and I always applaud great customer service because I think that it is a lost service in the USA.
-Victor L.
Speakers CA-3810
I want to say that I am overjoyed that I will be able to get some help! The speakers are or were awesome and I have gotten many compliments on the sound. Several of the teachers on my hall bought theirs because they heard mine. So thank you for helping me and you do have a customer for life.
-Audrey B.
Speakers CA-5402
-Mickey G.
Speakers CA-3602
Loyal customer for life and *I* know customer service.
Speakers CA-3080
Thank you SOO much for an awesome experience and I'll sincerely make sure to appreciate my speakers even more because of the service today!
-Clayton G.
Cases IC-1930
I would like to give a Big shout out to Stephen Murphy from Cyber Acoustics for superb customer service. I was having issues with the IC-1930 iPad Air case not fitting properly and after sending out a email Stephen wrote back saying he was sending out a replacement and not to worry about returning the original one I received.
-Edward W.
Cases IC-1003BK
We have been using IC-1003BK for little bit over a year now. We have over 500 iPads and every single one has a IC-1003BK case on it. Below are pictures of a damaged case. This Case and the Student’s iPad it was protecting survived a flight off of a car roof while it was in motion at about 50mph. on a busy local highway. It was left overnight on the road. (there are many log trucks that travel this road). A passer by found the iPad and called its owner and was retuned later. The iPad was not damaged, the case was not damaged other than what is pictured (I also thought there was a little luck involved that it was not run over). I have often bragged about your cases to other techs and Tech Directors. I have on more than one occasion “launched" my iPad across the room like a Frisbee with great amusement at the looks and comments I get, and then I say "Just open the case.” Thank you for providing schools with quality products at an affordable price point. CA has earned our business and we look forward to a continued relationship with CA, as well as seeing what improvements are upcoming for iPad cases.
-Derrick B.
Speakers CA-3602
Go ahead........Just buy this powered speaker set. Better than my home stereo. Very impressed. The neighbors didn't like them but I do!!!! Jason G
-Jayson G

I bought the CA-2022 about a year ago, and not only have they lasted but they are of higher quality than speaks Ive bought from other companies at a similar price point. I would recommend!
Speakers CA-3001
By far the best speakers I have ever purchased. The sound is so clean. It's perfect for listening to music by yourself in a small room, as well as parties and other functions. I'm extremely happy with this product.
-Jade J

Thank you so much for the excellent service. Going the extra mile to provide excellent service and provide me with quality speakers and a easy connection. The speakers sound great . This is the second set of CA speakers. The first set was wired. These are Bluetooth. Easy set up and sound great Thank you S. Murphy and Angie for the excellent service. Customer for life.
Speakers CA-3602
Excellent Cyber Acoustics, the best computer speakers I ever tried, their perfect. The sounds couldn't be better.
Speakers CA-2014
The CA-2014 speakers we had for many years finally gave out. Didn't find them locally so we purchased a different brand from Best Buy. We connect the speakers to our TV to be used with headphones for my hard-of-hearing husband. The top sound was not enough for him, even with his hearing aids on. Returned them to BB and found these on Amazon for less the price. Thank you C/A for amazing sound at a great price.
Speakers CA-3610
I highly recommend Cyber Acoustics. I had an issue develop with my speakers about a year after purchasing them. I called Cyber Acoustics and they honored the warranty. In a few days they shipped a brand new unit to me, that works great. Everyone at Cyber Acoustics was very professional and got back to me quickly. If you need a product that Cyber Acoustics makes, please consider buying from them. They will take good care of you.
-Allan B
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